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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let me introduce myself and the Openbravo UX Lab forum. My name is Rob Goris and I joined Openbravo recently in the role of User Experience Architect. This is a new position at Openbravo and this appointment is a clear sign that the company wants to move towards User Centered Design.

So what is User Experience (UX) and how can we, together, create a world class user experience for our product? UX is defined as the creation of the architecture and interaction models which impact a user's perception of a system and is an umbrella term for the following activities:

  • Information architecture: conceptual structure and logical organization of information; think navigation, taxonomy, findability
  • Interaction design: high level design of the application, flows and pages; think wireframes and design concepts
  • Usability engineering: usability testing, focus groups, heuristic evaluations, questionnaires, essentially everything needed to understand the users and involve them in the design process.
  • Visual design: the look and feel of the application that includes the page layout, composition, graphics, icons, use of colors, typography
UX can never be done in isolation and that's why we need your voice. You are the ones using our products every day to keep your businesses going and I am sure you have great feedback as to how we can improve usability. This post is an invitation for all of you to share user pain and ideas related to the GUI and usability. I am here to convert your voice into a more user-friendly product.

Occasionally, will also reach out to test new ideas or designs and will ask for your opinions. Open source software is User Feedback Heaven as there is direct access to a large community that shares the common goal of building a world class ERP software.

Welcome to the Openbravo UX Lab forum. I am looking forward to all your feedback. Make sure to speak up!

I can also be reached by email: rob dot goris at openbravo dot com.

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