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Test Drive the new Selector

Monday, February 15, 2010

Selecting an object such as a business partner or a product "on the fly" while editing a form is a frequent task. In the current ERP we support this by providing a UI Selector that lets you choose the object using filters in a popup. The solution we have used so far is very powerful but not very usable. Clearing filters is awkward and it does not support suggestions or any other assistance in speeding up the filtering process.

With the new UI Selector we believe these problems will be past tense. Using SmartClient technology we have built a UI Selector that makes use of suggestions (using live filtering) and applies column filtering in the grid.

We have created a test instance where you can play with the new selector.

Go to

Log in with selector/test

Navigate to Sales Management > Transactions > Sales Order. The business partner and product selector have been enabled for the sales order header and line.

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl-enter opens the popup /layer
Alt-arrow-down opens the suggestion dropdown

The new selector can be defined without programming. The definition is done in the application dictionary similar to windows and tabs. Selectors can be changed at runtime by a consultant without re-starting the system or re-compiling.

We intend to initially publish this as a commercial module and later open it up to the whole community as part of Openbravo ERP 3.0.

Let us know your findings on the UX Lab.