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Overview of 3.0 GUI Components

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Release 3.0 of Openbravo will be an exciting release with major improvements in the user experience. A few weeks ago we released 3.0-RC2 that contains only a small part of the total user experience redesign we planned for 3.0-Production (due for Q1 next year).

Over the last year I have shared a lot of material (e.g. scenarios, screenshots, flows, wireframes) with you but - as a community member pointed out recently - some of you might have lost the "bigger picture". So if you want to get an idea of what else is in store, then check out this overview of the 3.0 GUI components

Shipping & Invoicing in 3.0

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Openbravo flows are coming your way!

In the Enhanced Sales Order project, that we aim to ship in 3.0 Core, it is all about redesigning the existing flows for ordering, invoicing and shipping. In an earlier post I have shared the adventures of Jim, the Computer Seller & Liz, the Order Taker with you and in the meanwhile I have also published scenarios for a sales director (Dan) and a customer carer (Amy). If you haven´t read their adventures and given your feedback yet, then please still do so. You will have to work with it in the end so you better speak up now or forever hold your peace :-)

The latest scenarios look at invoicing and shipping. Using the new 3.0 GUI framework, I have tried to model flows that are as flexible as possible. So you can first take a a sales order and then create an invoice against it, or maybe just for a few lines which means partial invoicing. Or you take a whole lot of orders and generate invoices for all of those at once, perhaps merging invoices for the same customer. Sometimes you want to invoice products, rather than entire sales orders because maybe you were only able to ship one product at a certain point in time. You then would want to create partial invoices for a whole lot of sales orders that contain that specific product. The same goes for shipments. Sometimes you first want to create a shipment document and then pick sales order lines to ship but this could also be done the other way round: first select a sales order (line) and then decide to ship it.

All this is of course dependent on the invoice and delivery terms for the customer. Our current processes and configurations are not always transparent and we need a redesign here as well.

Having said all this, let me ask you for now to look at the Shipping and Invoicing scenarios. There is a lot of complexity once you start looking at all the possible configurations and flows but I want to get the basics right first. Please help me in doing so.