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A shiny new Openbravo 3 product logo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A new product deserves a new logo. We have just finished the art work and are proud to share it with you.

It will serve as an identifier and emphasizes the importance of Openbravo 3. The "3" represents agility, openness, and speed, the gradient flirting with a retro-futurism. It also leans a bit forward. That´s where we want to go, right? We have put the agile erp in lowercase text because we have "tamed" ERP. From now on, the user is in charge.

You will find the logo soon (in the next few days) on the Openbravo 3 RC4 login page, on the demo site and through marketing communication. The product logo was designed by Volpus Design.

About About

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just to let you know about the new About feature for widgets on Openbravo 3. Widget authors can now write a note to their users and add a link to their web site; an easy way to drive users to your business. For business partners this can be a great incentive to publish widgets.

The top section contains widget specific information, the bottom section shows the metadata of the parent module, which is taken from our central repository in the Openbravo Forge.

Author Message and Author URL are defined in the widget header.

The About feature was developed by Asier Galdos from Almis, another great contribution from our open source community. Thanks Asier!

About will be available in Release Candidate 4, to be released in the next few days.

A Great Community Contribution: Linked Items

Monday, February 7, 2011

This morning a nice surprise awaited me in our Openbravo 3 test environment: Linked Items was added overnight and it works like a charm! This feature sits in a section in the form view and contains a list of all items that are related in the database. This is ultra handy of course if you - for example - quickly want to view all purchase invoices for a certain vendor or find all shipments for a certain product. A simple click on an item in the right column in the Linked Items grid launches the item on a new tab. This feature will be part of Openbravo 3 release candidate 4 which will be available mid February.

Linked Items was developed by Valery Lezhebokov, an active member in our Open Source community. We are very grateful for his contribution and hope to see more of his work in the future.