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Attend a UFO on ESO

Monday, June 14, 2010

In plain English this means: Hereby I invite you to participate in a series of User Feedback Opportunities (UFOs) on the Enhanced Sales Order Flow redesign project (ESO) we have started recently.

The objective of these sessions is to gather feedback on our design work. Using the input given, we can then modify, improve and tweak iteratively, leading eventually to a high quality, tested and low-risk design that will be used in Openbravo ERP 3.0.

The dates are as follows:
Wednesday June 16th, 11.30-12.30h
(replacing Product Development meeting)

Jim, The Computer Seller
Download Scenario here
Friday June 18nd, 11.30-12.30h

Liz, The Order Taker
Download Scenario here
Wednesday June 23th, 11.30-12.30h

Dan, The Sales Director
Download Scenario here
Friday June 25th, 11.30-12.30h

Amy, The Customer Carer
Download Scenario here
It is necessary to download and review the materials prior to the sessions. For every session we will use one scenario (images + story) in a PDF document. Having this document open or printed is recommended to make it easier to refer to the images.

The sessions will be held through IRC** on irc://freenode/openbravo and the sessions will be open to all. Feel free to invite business partners, colleagues or end users with an interest in sales orders.

Hopefully I will "see" you online on one (or all!) of these dates!

Rob Goris, User Experience Architect - Openbravo

**For those of you who are not familiar with IRC chatting:

The easiest way is to use the webchat from, and you don't need to install anything.

* Go to:
* Pick a Nickname
* Channels: #openbravo

You can also install Chatzilla as an extension for Firefox:
You can install Chatzilla via:
* Tools - Add-ons - Tab Get Add-ons - Enter Chatzilla in search box
* Once installed: Tools - Chatzilla
* In Chatzilla, enter:
/join #openbravo

Sales Orders with Jim & Liz

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We are going to follow two of our protagonistas in real life sales order scenarios.

Jim works in a large electronics store and is selling a BigBook Pro computer to an initially unknown customer. The quote and sales order is created. The stock is checked, the delivery address is entered. The order and invoice are paid on the spot in cash.

Liz works in the financial department as an administrative assistant. She receives an email from her colleague, a sales person with a sales order attached. Liz is now going to enter this sales order in Openbravo ERP.

Both Jim and Liz spend a lot of time doing this type of activities. For them it is crucial to have an ERP that lets them create sales orders the easy, fast and smart way.

Check out the scenarios and let us know whether you think we are doing the right thing for our imaginary friends.