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Quick Pick: a new design pattern for order line reuse

Monday, July 11, 2011

We´re working on a redesign of the Copy Lines & Copy From Order flows. After a few iterations, here is the first draft.

The two scenarios only differ in that one has a preview area and the other does not.

Let me know if this would work for you and your customers. Leave comments below the images in the web album or on the UX Lab forum on Forge.

Lost in The Grid (No More)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We noticed that with lots of filtering and scrolling in the grid, you might lose track of your selected row(s). You could scroll up and down to look them up, but this could become tedious when you have hundreds of rows. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Here´s what we did.

So you got this invoice selected in the grid. It is highlighted in orange.

You now decide to filter the grid to look for all "East Coast" invoices that have status "Payment Complete = No".

Ok, cool. We´re done with that and clear the filters. Hang on, where did my selected row go? It must have scrolled outside the visible area.

To get the selected row back in the visible area, we simply click on the selected-row-counter button.

And the selected row moves back in the view port!

Lost-No-More will be available in maintenance pack 1 (Openbravo 3-MP1) due for end of next week.

Painting the Town Red

Pamplona might be known for as the home of Openbravo but it is probably better known for its yearly San Fermin festival where millions of people gather to watch the famous encierro, the running of the bulls.

So if you wonder why the login screen suddenly turned red or why we seem to be in a festive mood this week, it is probably because of San Fermin.

A special thanks to Miguel Rodriguez Font who created the bull logo.