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Work with Us on Improving OB ERP´s Business Processes

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ease of use is more then user interface (re-) design; it is also making sure the processes implemented in the application match the user´s mental map and match the way companies do their business. For this reason we have been working on modeling the most common ERP business process flows. We would like to share the resulting diagrams with you in order to collect feedback and improve them. Each diagram documents an abstract business process, which should result in a business-process-specific discussion. It will also provide a natural place for people to discuss current issues about or suggest changes to the current Openbravo-specific implementation.

Another reason for describing the business process flows is to provide better user guidance through our documentation. Surveys told us that this is a key priority for our community and therefore for us.

Please provide feedback per diagram (thread) to validate the correctness and completeness of these flows. Also, let us know when you think that a crucial process is missing. The finalized flows will be used as input for the UX redesign.