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My Openbravo: The First Version

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We are now looking at the first tab in the Openbravo ERP 3.0 GUI. It will contain a My Openbravo workspace. This should contain a set of portlets/widgets displaying metrics, links, applications or charts. Think of a portal similar to iGoogle, NetVibes and My Yahoo! where the user can decide what to show.

Have a look at the My Openbravo page and a version that shows how to edit.

It should work roughly as follows:

  • Left column is filled with links to recent documents and views. Clicking them opens a new tab and takes the user there. Recent views also have Create New links.
  • Below that we see two links that let you add widgets. The link Add Library Widget most likely opens a listbox with the available widgets. The link Add Feed Widget opens a dialog where the user enters a URL pointing at an RSS feed.
  • What´s in the widget is not really the important point now, but I have created some examples that you can find in the presentation mentioned below.
  • In the widget header there are two buttons: maximize and edit. Edit will pop out a little green menu that shows a number of options to move, edit and delete the widget. The first menu option Edit this widget will invoke the bigger green panel (as shown in the Invoiced widget) where attributes can be modified. In this case the user can set the time range.
  • Consultants should be able to create (or modify) widgets where grids are shown with a number of columns/attributes, possibly cheered up by a graph. The consultant then also determines which attributes can be set (when the user clicks edit).

As a first set, I would propose to produce at least one grid-chart widget, an RSS feed widget, alerts and saved searches.

Find a more elaborate PDF presentation and leave your feedback here.