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Get your widget packaged in RC4

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Openbravo 3.0 offers customizable widgets that you can add to your workspace. In RC1 and RC2 we gave you static content, in RC3 we let you create simple widgets by pulling content from a URL.

For RC4 we will introduce two more types of widgets: HTML and Query widgets. This is were things get really exciting. The HTML Widget allows you to embed html code and the Query Widget lets you define a HQL Query with the columns to be shown. Here are two (real) examples, taken from a test server.

It does not take a lot of imagination to get an idea of the endless possibilities these widgets have. To give our users a glimpse of things to be had, we plan to include a set of cool widgets in Release Candidate 4. These would be role based so a sales person would e.g. get a widget showing the top 10 best customers by invoice amount and a finance person would see a pending invoices widget.

Now, we would like to ask you share your widget with us. The most useful (or coolest :-)) widgets will be packaged in RC4 so the whole world can enjoy them. You can either package them as a module and publish them on the Central Repository or just share the URL, code snippet or HQL query with us so we can paste them in.

You can share your ideas on the UX Lab forum. Bring them on!


  • Download this document to learn how to create Query and HTML widgets. Refer to the earlier How to Create Simple Widgets for the first steps on creating a simple URL widget.
  • RC4 is due for mid February 2011. Until that time, you can download the Query and HTML widget as modules to install on RC3.
  • To facilitate working with HQL (e.g. testing your HQL before pasting it in a widget) you can download and install the handy HQL Query Tool