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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The last month we have been working in stealth mode on the Web Point of Sale (POS) project so you may not be aware of what this is all about. Good things need to be shared and stealth is stupid, so let me give you an update on the latest exciting developments for retail.

What is Openbravo Web POS?

  • Openbravo Web POS is intended for multi-store retail businesses. The solution will be modular, providing a full list of advanced functionality to cover all requirements needed from the point of sale, store management, to the central head quarters.
  • Openbravo Web POS will have an agile, flow oriented, best of breed web user interface oriented to tablets and touch screen systems. The solution aims to provide a highly satisfying staff and customer experience but also needs to be easy to customize and personalize by business partners and end users.
  • Openbravo Web POS is an enterprise level solution that is fully integrated with the ERP using one logical data model. It is also highly scalable and offers web services to expose the enterprise model to the outside world.
  • Openbravo Web POS is an addition to the existing POS client. The choice of deployment options will be left to the business partners and customers.
What have we done so far?

  • The architecture has been decided. Read details here.
  • The main flows and functionality have been designed. Here´s a SlideShare presentation showing the latest iteration.
  • Interactive mockups were built for both desktop and iPad. Download HTML Mockup (unpack zip and run in browser). Download iPad Mockup (you need an app called Presentation Link to run the iPad version).
  • Usability tests were conducted on 12 users using the interactive mockup mentioned above.
  • Based on the findings, we improved weaknesses of earlier versions along the way, resulting in the 8th iteration, which is considered mature. This means that we are now very confident this is going to work for our users.
  • The visual design phase has started. Here's where colors, typography, layout and style are defined. Most POS software is butt ugly and this needs to change. I will share some art work in the next few days.
We're very excited about the Openbravo Web POS. Mind you, this is not your average POS system. This is a retail solution that combines a great web-based user experience with a solid enterprise architecture.


Mubde' ABSI said...

This is really a step in the right direction for Openbravo ERP.

Syed Abdul Mateen said...

can anybody inform me when is the full release... ?

Rob Goris said...

Next week!

Anonymous said...

Nasreddine Cheniki said...

File not found, could you re-upload it ?

Rob Goris said...

Sure Nasreddine, thanks for pointing that out to me. Note that most materials are quite old and have become obsolete: Openbravo for Retail was launched already a long time ago. You should check it out because it is awesome! ;-)