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Openbravo for Retail presents: "Golden Shoes"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Barcelona, May 2013. A short story about Lucia who has her mind set on a pair of golden shoes. Openbravo for Retail helps her find them but unfortunately there is no stock in her local store. All's well that ends well: Browsing the store's product catalogue on a mobile device, she is able to find an even funkier pair of shoes for summer.

In an entertaining way, we get to see Openbravo for Retail's latest capabilities:

  • Single column support & responsive design. Retailers and customers alike, can now run Web POS on devices as small as the iPod. Thanks to responsive design, it will switch automatically to a two-column layout when screen size permits.
  • Product details. For assisted selling, finding a product just to add it to the basket, is not enough. Now it is possible to configure Openbravo for Retail to display product details including image material.
  • Stock visibility. In the mobile GUI, store staff has direct visibility in local and remote stock which leads to higher efficiency and client satisfaction.
  • Product characteristics/variants. Especially in the apparel industry, characteristics such as color, size & style are essential. Openbravo for Retail offers fully customizable product characteristics and a friendly mobile GUI to use them effectively. Product characteristics will be available in RMP27, which will be September for QAA status.

Business Partners can use this video for marketing purposes. If you believe there is a need for a version with subtitles in your language, please contact us. There is also a uncompressed offline .mp4 available.